Leslie Center’s New Director on the Essential Humanities

“The humanities deal with something you literally cannot live without—the ability to tell stories and to interpret other people’s stories,” says Graziella Parati, the new director of the . Graziella Parati says she wants to see more investment in digital humanities projects, and to help faculty involved in such projects… Read more“Leslie Center’s New Director on the Essential Humanities”

Quoted: Sydney Finkelstein on Superbosses

“Superbosses are exceptionally adept at developing talent because they share particular character traits and adopt a set of common practices that, taken together, are both rare and extraordinarily effective,” says the Tuck School of Business’ Sydney Finkelstein in a about The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, whom Finkelstein considers a superboss. at Tuck…. Read more“Quoted: Sydney Finkelstein on Superbosses”