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Twitter Rocks Online Video Referrals
May 26, 2010, 10:28 am
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Mashable has an interesting look at how Twitter has quickly grown into the most powerful online video referral system. Not only has Twitter become the top referrer of online videos, but people also watch the referred videos for a longer period of time.

In short, here’s why:

“…people are using Twitter to connect not just to their real-world friends, but also to specific interests. Hence, they’re finding content that’s directly related to those interests, content that is more personally relevant and, for the individual, more watchable. Simply put, for video discovery, Twitter is “more tuned to my tastes,” in the words of one user.

Check out the whole thing here. Then get your online videos onto the Twitter machine already.

Once Again, Twitter Leads the Way With Breaking News
May 11, 2010, 3:41 pm
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As you’ve probably heard by now, Delaware Attorney General (and son of the Vice President) Beau Biden suffered a mild stroke today.

I first heard about it when somebody I follow on Twitter posted the breaking news at 10:10 am. Curious to learn more, I immediately added a search column on my Tweetdeck for “Beau Biden.” I then scrolled through the earlier entries and found this one to be the first that mentioned the news on Twitter. It was posted 21 minutes earlier – at 9:49 am – by a freelance writer in Wilmington, Del., who had simply heard a rumor.

Shortly after I saw the news on Twitter, I also checked Google News, but the most recent result mentioning Beau Biden was six hours old and obviously had nothing to do with a medical emergency. A few minutes later, cable news outlets began to report that Biden had been hospitalized, but they didn’t report the reason until approximately 3:25 pm.

Of course, since random Twitter entries don’t need to be confirmed as actual facts, they’re often not as reliable as reports from the established media. But then again, as we saw today, often they are.

In the meantime, best wishes to the Biden family.

Foursquare: Is Social Media Actually Regressing?
March 15, 2010, 11:03 am
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When Twitter first really exploded into the mainstream a little over a year ago, I admit I was a skeptic. At the time, Twitter encouraged people to answer the question, “What are you doing?” Predictably, the answers were generally pretty boring. “I’m eating a burrito!” “I’m watching the Sopranos!” “I’m updating Twitter!” Not exactly exciting stuff.

But soon Twitter users took it upon themselves to stop answering “What are you doing?” and start answering, “What are you hearing?” Almost overnight it turned into Google News on speed – the best place to find the latest, completely personalized news, information, opinion and intel.

This year’s shiny object in the social media world is Foursquare, which allows users to “check in” at their current locations, with the information often cross-posted on their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. Users are incentivized to “check in” at some locations, such as bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, with discounts for checking in (i.e., providing free online advertising for said establishments) a certain number of times.

Sadly, this has resulted in a lot of essentially useless information clogging newsfeeds on Twitter and Facebook (“I just checked in at Starbucks, corner 21st and P Streets, Washington, DC.”) Personally, I really don’t care when you’re at Starbucks, and I hope you don’t care when I’m at CVS. When it comes to social media, I want to know what interesting op-ed you just ran across, what intel you just picked up about the health care debate, or what relevant new video you just viewed.

The Foursquare phenomenon begs a question, though: Is social media actually regressing? Twitter flourished when it progressed beyond its largely inane “What are you doing?” beginnings. Why is Foursquare now flourishing by essentially going back to Twitter’s roots and delivering little information beyond “Where are you right now?”

I don’t know the answer, and it’s possible I’m as wrong about Foursquare now as I was about Twitter a year and half ago, so if you’ve got deeper insights about Foursquare than I’m comprehending right now, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Twitter is the New Press Release
January 28, 2009, 10:47 am
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There’s an interesting story in this morning’s Hill newspaper about how several House Republicans posted instant Twitter responses during their meeting with President Obama yesterday.

The final Hill article linked here almost exclusively consists of quotes from U.S. Reps. Jeff Flake, Michael Burgess, Bob Inglis, John Culberson and Pete Hoekstra. However, an early version of the article that I read last night only consisted of quotes collected via Twitter – possibly the first time that’s ever been done in Congressional reporting.

This should be a wake-up call to all Hill press secretaries, as well as something that should send a shiver down their collective spine.

On the one hand, Twitter provides Members of Congress with an amazing rapid response opportunity. As we saw yesterday, they have an opportunity to respond even before a meeting ends.

But on the other hand, for a Hill staffer, there’s nothing quite as scary as your boss going off and posting statements on the Internet without any input or review from the staff.

It really is just a matter of time before a Member of Congress posts something truly boneheaded on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean they should be using this powerful new tool.

Getting to Know Twitter
December 18, 2008, 2:01 pm
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If, like me, you’re relatively new to the Twitter bandwagon (or probably even if you’re an old hand,) you should check out these two posts by Rohit Bhargava on his Influential Marketing Blog. Very useful…

1. The Five Stages of Twitter Acceptance
2. Nine Ways to Make Twitter More Useful to You


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