The decoration for the bedroom is a stained glass bird

There is no particular form to describe the art and there is no particular place where you cannot store it. The general idea behind having a bedroom is to have a spacious place where you can rest and rejuvenate your lost energy.

With changes in time, a lot of modifications have taken place in the bedroom decor. People have started to invest a lot of time in how they can improve their bedroom with beautiful decor. There are magnificent art pieces that enhanced the beauty of a place. But in this article, our main focus is on a special type of art decor that is known as small stained glass birds. This art decorum is gaining popularity and making strides in the bedroom of many people.

What are small stained glass birds?

Small stained glass birds are decor made from colorful glasses bent in the form of different birds. It is a great work of craftsmanship and a delight to any person who is an avid bird lover. These can be kept in any room irrespective of the position. These are also used as a perfect on any occasion.

The steps for crafting bird stain glass?

The procedure of bird stain glass goes through a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time for perfection. These are the required phases that go into making bird stain glass.

1) A particular pattern is designed and later is put on the glass.

2) The type of glass is chosen to give it a realistic look.

3) After a particular layout is made the main focus shifts to the details and later is wrapped on copper foils.

4) To make the structure more rigid and strong, soldering is performed.

5) Later on other details such as leaves, branches are put together.

6) Final touches are provided and it is allowed to dry.

There are numerous types but the familiar variety is the stained glass window bird. It comes with essential accessories that help you to put it near the windows.

Specifications need to be observed before you buy a stained glass window bird.

Few aspects should be evaluated for your stained glass bird.

1) The Quality of Glass

Cathedral glass and Opalescent glass are the common types of glass that are predominately used for bending birds on a wire. Cathedral glass is mainly used for the layout work and Opalescent glass is favorable for the pigment and composition. Apart from these Tiffany glasses are also used for their flexibility.

Any low-quality product built on a cheap or any other glass that is not mentioned above will surely not last for a longer period.

2) Appearance

Multiple combinations of styles and colors are available in the market. But you should be careful with the choices of color and style so that it can enhance the quality of the room.

3) Cost

You should go for the cost concerning affordability and the amount of time it requires for maintenance.


In the end, the article focuses on the various aspects of the decoration item stained glass bird that can enhance the beauty of your bedroom.