Credit delay: what to do?

Everyone has heard about the loan, and almost every third person knows it in practice. It is not a secret that if you have a good financial reputation, it will not be difficult to take a loan, but how to repay it – a question about which many people either do not think at all, or do not think thoroughly enough. After all, today you are an employee of a successful company, and tomorrow – a new boss came and demoted or even forced to quit. You don’t have money to pay, the sums are growing, the delay on the loan sounds not so remote and alien, what will happen next? There comes a time when you need money again, and no one wants to give a loan to blacklisted person. How to avoid this, what action to take, what to do if the delinquency of the loan has touched the consumer after all.

Slight delinquencies

Anyone can be in an awkward position. When the loan is not overdue for more than 1-5 days – wait for notifications with reminders. This is a minor violation and if it is corrected in time, the information will not be blacklisted. Sometimes the bank may charge a penalty for late payment. What percentage will you have to pay in this case? Not high, however, it is still unpleasant. Did you forget to pay on time next month again? Most likely, bankers will make a note near your name, and suddenly there will be a repetition of history – the way to the black list is open.

To avoid regular delays in payments, get used to paying them a few days before the appointed date. Read the contract points carefully. Find out the amount of penalties for late payments, which do not exceed three to five days. If you know in advance that you will not be able to pay on the due date, let the banker know. A loyal approach to the client will help avoid possible trouble. You can also find a reliable debt relief center that can help to resolve the issue.

Loan delinquency: from 2 weeks to 1 month

If it happens that you have delayed payments, know that fines will probably not be avoided. The important thing is that they don’t accumulate. If you are sure that you will be able to pay off the debt soon – tell your manager at the bank about it. What should you do to avoid such a thing? When there is a business trip or vacation ahead – give your family instructions how to pay. Let them do it for you. Don’t ignore the alerts, talk without aggression and specify the dates. Send a letter explaining the reason for the delays. At this stage, there will probably be frequent calls from financial institution staff.

Delayed loan from 1 to 3 months

3 months of account default indicate that the borrower has clearly identified why it is doing so: temporarily there is no financial capacity or the situation is out of control. It should be understood that close business relations with the bank can improve the situation and not make it worse. Problem debts are transferred to the department, which is fighting against non-payers. When talking to employees, you should not be unbalanced or aggressive. Perhaps a correct conversation with detailed explanations of the reasons for default on debt obligations will contribute to what will leave the client alone for some time.

Try to come to the bank every month and deposit at least some amount against the pledge. If the case comes to court, it will be possible to prove good intentions. Ask for a postponement, restructuring, extension of the agreement with reduced payments. Often bankers make concessions to debtors and show loyalty. If you will communicate peacefully with them, there is a possibility that the problem will not lead to court. If your delay has already exceeded 3 months, you need to use pa debt relief services to solve the problem. You cannot ignore the delinquency on your credit card, it should be resolved as soon as possible.