Art is freedom in expression

It is told through different methods and is expressed in variations of emotions. Each art piece tells a story that forms part of a whole.

Glass Art Stories does the same towards its glass stained products. They want you, their customer, to feel through your senses on how a room comes alive when the sun hits the colored glass just right as it illuminates the whole four-walled space.

How Their Story Began

Glass Art Stories’ journey began in the little town of Sumy, Ukraine in the year 1995. They pitched in the idea of creating beautiful art in the form of glass products.

They decided to adopt the Tiffany technique–an old technique developed by the American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany that solders glass with copper foils to produce beautiful designs.

This move has made them so successful that they established Pyvovarov Studio later on. 

What They Do

Delivering high-quality pattern stained craftsmanship to you is their number one priority. You are the inspiration and the source of their service. Hence, they employ professional artistic masters to help them handcraft the creation of glass products which passes only the highest of standards.

A patented technology unique to their company, in combination with modernized equipment, was developed as well in producing their art designs. This has helped them in the installation of the glass products to any type of interiors. Hence, in addition to houses, they are now able to easily install these in churches and temples.

They promise to never compromise your project orders by using materials of low quality. Only those that met their criteria and conditions will be used in production.

Stained Glass Products and Designs

A variety of designs awaits all of their customers. All designs are meticulously drawn and measured down to the last millimeter so that all the pieces are properly fit and proportioned. You can find these on their website,

They have 4 design categories. These are stained glass panels and decors.

Panels are the most common and simple of the designs. It is usually depicted in geometric lines and patterns with different colored glass in each section.

Mosaics are used when depicting realism of both animate and inanimate objects–be they may living or non-living. It consists of hundreds of tiny pieces glued together to form a moving picture.

Lamps are the most complex yet impressive of the four. When the light turns on, various colors pop up in all directions creating a kaleidoscope.

Decors in the form of suncatchers are hanging objects usually placed on windows and doors like windchimes. Its mainly designed to catch rays of sunlight and reflect that towards the occupied space.

In fact, their most common decor design is birds glass on wire or simply known as birds on wire. 

Order Your Customized Art

Through the immortalized words of Welsh fashion designer Laura Ashley, “We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers we simply want to make what they want.”

Glass Art Stories believes the same. They stand by the same principles and approaches in cultivating great customer relationships all these years.

So, they are more than happy to accept custom orders from you. They can draw the custom design for you as well if you prefer.