How to find a lawyer for your company

Qualified legal support of business is the key to its success and smooth operation for a long time. A special need for legal support is experienced by newly established companies and novices, whose activities can be seriously undermined by one large fine from the regulatory authorities or a claim from the counterparty. But how can one find a lawyer for a young company that does not have sufficient capacity to pay him or her with decent pay? Now you can even find a free consultation of foreclosure lawyer, it is important to know where to look for specialists.

The main mistake made by most start-up companies – the transfer of all cases to a new lawyer, taken on a permanent basis. The young specialist can be literate, ambitious, have an excellent full-time legal education, but all this will not replace the most important thing for the lawyer – the experience of real work. The results of the work of novice lawyers are often unfortunate misses and omissions, which lead the business to losses or unforeseen costs.

The most optimal option of legal support for small or beginner business is legal support (outsourcing) of third-party specialists, which can be selected as a recommendation, and through special services to find lawyers.

Legal outsourcing: myths and reality

But why is it that small businesses are so reluctant to trust their businesses to legal outsourcing specialists? Let’s try to disassemble the most popular myths on this subject. Staff lawyer and outsourcing is very expensive. Outsourcing is just expensive. The main mistake is caused by unwillingness to consider long-term prospects for the company. Finding a lawyer with extensive experience is easy enough, it is much harder to provide him with an appropriate level of remuneration, that he is constantly working for you.

So and outsourcers – it is not necessary to give them absolutely all the tasks, you can leave for experienced lawyers only the most complex (important litigation, support of large transactions, etc.). Staff new lawyer may well be engaged in simple current tasks, starting from the conduct of personnel work, ending with the preparation of legal documents (claims, contracts, agreements) on projects developed by outsourcers.

Yes, and about what economy can we talk about, when the officially registered lawyer costs the company is very expensive? After all, it requires not only salary, vacation and compulsory contributions of taxes, but also the payment of sick pay, organization of the workplace, the purchase of legal bases and their actualization. Against the background of all these costs, even the full management of legal issues of the firm on the side may be much cheaper. Any directory of lawyers and companies involved in outsourcing, will help you choose a real professional without risk to your confidential information.

The lawyer must be aware of all the affairs of the company, outsourcers only periodically delve into the “topic”

This delusion doesn’t stand up to any criticism. In order for a lawyer to “know”, he has to work from the very first days of the firm’s foundation, and in small businesses in these positions there is usually a serious turnover. Your full-time outsourcing lawyer has a much better understanding of legal and business processes than a newcomer. And for an experienced specialist 9 out of 10 “unique” to manage problems in each firm more than typical, with its own standard solutions. This is the case when the experience solves everything. 

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