Outdoor Advertising Design Rules

Today it is impossible to imagine any city of our country without advertising, and there is nothing surprising in it, after all advertising has flooded our life: advertising on streets of a city, advertising in transport, advertising on TV and radio, advertising in cinema, advertising in entrances and mail boxes, banners and flags. As the observations have shown, today we have learned to hardly notice advertising, but this state of affairs does not suit advertisers and therefore it is important to know some rules that will help make advertising effective.

Production of outdoor advertising. When ordering the production of outdoor advertising, whether it be a sign board or window decoration, it is important to pay maximum attention to this issue, especially the quality of production. All designs should be made taking into account climatic and operational loads – it guarantees a long use of advertising, as well as your safety and your guests. Make sure that the materials from which advertising is made correspond to those stated in the estimates and design calculations, and during the installation work were observed all safety measures. 

Design. As the observations have shown, not all of them can get the maximum efficiency from outdoor advertising placement in the same way, and it is not about creativity of the idea, but its implementation, for example, the text is too small, the advertising block is overloaded with information or there is no way of communication. Experienced designers and advertisers give some advice that will help to avoid the most common mistakes in design:

  1. Do not make the main text less than 1/6 of the horizontal height and 1/8 of the vertical layout, otherwise the text will be difficult to read.
  2. The overall color scheme should be selected based on the season, it is necessary to give preference to those colors that will help to stand out during the advertising campaign.
  3. The essence and idea of the advertising poster should be clear at once, in order to assimilate the content of the poster should not take more than 3-5 seconds.
  4. Contact block should be optimized, there is no need to place all contact numbers, site address, physical address and email, it is better to limit yourself to the site and short phone number.
  5. Avoid placing several images, too long slogan and explanations – all this will complicate the perception of advertising.

Manufacturing of shop signs

Signs are made of various materials: composite aluminum, stainless steel with decorative coating, brass, acrylic, satin, etc. Due to the fact that the street signs are constantly under the influence of external factors such as sunlight, precipitation, temperature fluctuations, in the manufacture of signs, special attention is paid to the quality of materials used.

Types of shop signs

By types of shop signs are subdivided into light and non-light. In light sign boards which will be visible and in daylight, in a darkness, use both internal illumination, and external. Neon can also be added. Signboards with neon illumination have rather long resource of work. More and more application receive shop light-emitting diode signboards. Such illumination is more durable, it is characterized by high energy saving, as well as unique light dynamic effects and high brightness. Light shop signs, in turn, are divided into light boxes and three-dimensional signs.

Non-light signs are cheaper and less visible in the dark. Non-light signboards of shops differ low cost and variety of forms and colour scores. They are unpretentious and practically do not demand service. Shop signs can be divided into facade and interior. Front signs are placed on facades of buildings and are intended for attraction of buyers and visitors in shop. Interior sign boards are placed inside the store, in the client area or in the lobby. Usually interior sign boards have more refined design and complex manufacturing technology.